The summit is the only event that brings together plans, providers, community partners and government to discuss policies and trends in Medicare Advantage.

Welcome by Better Medicare Alliance

“We welcome you to the 2019 BMA Medicare Advantage Summit.

Today, more than one in three Medicare beneficiaries are choosing to receive Medicare benefits through Medicare Advantage. Nearly 22 million beneficiaries appreciate the affordability, simplicity, quality care, and enhanced benefits available in Medicare Advantage.

In turn, providers support Medicare Advantage because it provides an effective framework to care for our country’s growing and increasingly complex Medicare patient population. They recognize that Medicare Advantage enables care the way it should be, with patient-centered primary care, early intervention, and care coordination, particularly for those with multiple chronic conditions.

Data show that by emphasizing early intervention and better care management, Medicare Advantage beneficiaries use the most appropriate site of care and avoid adverse, high cost events such as unnecessary ER visits and avoidable hospitalizations. Medicare Advantage is leading the way in forging the value-driven partnerships between plans, providers, and community partners needed to reduce cost and improve outcomes for Medicare beneficiaries.

Medicare Advantage, as a successful public-private partnership offers more choice and value for beneficiaries. Both Republicans and Democrats in the House and Senate, as well as plans, providers, community partners and millions of beneficiaries, all recognize the value of Medicare Advantage. The Administration has put forth policies to encourage a positive and stable environment for Medicare Advantage to continue to lead the way in flexibility and innovation that improves patient’s experience and outcomes.

Our advocacy work at Better Medicare Alliance is informed by our community of over 130 allies and hundreds of thousands of beneficiary advocates who share in our mission to build a healthy future for older Americans and those eligible for Medicare by advocating for a strong Medicare Advantage.

We look forward to having you, as leading policymakers, providers, insurers, community partners and advocates share your expertise and experiences at the 2019 MA Summit. Your contributions to innovative coverage and care available in Medicare Advantage is building that healthier future, today. We look forward to your participation and discussing the ideas that create that future.”

Congresswoman Allyson Y. Schwartz,

 President and Chief Executive Officer
Better Medicare Alliance