Fact Sheet

Supplemental Benefits in Medicare Advantage

Key Facts: 

  • Medicare Advantage health plans may provide extra benefits, called supplemental benefits, that are not covered by traditional FFS Medicare.
  • Supplemental benefits typically must be directly related to an individualís health care needs and may not solely be used to address non-medical needs.
  • There are two types of supplemental benefits: optional, which the enrollee may select and pay an additional premium; and mandatory, which are included as part of the plan and available to all enrollees.
  • The most common supplemental benefits are dental, vision, and hearing, with 97% of Medicare Advantage plans offering at least one, and half of all Medicare Advantage plans offering all three in 2019. 
  • Mandatory supplemental benefits are financed with Medicare Advantage rebate dollars, which are provided to plans based on a portion of the difference between the plan's bid and the county FFS spending benchmark.