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Better Medicare Alliance Releases “Your State, Your Stories” Map Detailing Beneficiaries’ Medicare Advantage Experiences Nationwide

New interactive website feature offers firsthand beneficiary accounts of Medicare Advantage    

Better Medicare Alliance, a community of more than 425,000 beneficiaries and 143 ally organizations supporting Medicare Advantage (MA), unveiled its interactive “Your State, Your Stories” map highlighting enrollees’ Medicare Advantage experiences across the country on its beneficiary advocacy website

The new website feature includes over 140 firsthand Medicare Advantage stories submitted by beneficiaries in all 50 states, highlighting the value of MA to enrollees and the grassroots strength of Better Medicare Alliance’s movement.

“We already know that Medicare Advantage enjoys a 94 percent satisfaction rating among beneficiaries but, with this interactive map, we are able to see more closely the success of MA through the eyes of the very individuals that it serves,” said Allyson Y. Schwartz, President and CEO of the Better Medicare Alliance. “From John in Oregon who says Medicare Advantage offered financial security through four operations, to Mary in Arizona who describes how MA helps manage her diabetes care, to Deana in Massachusetts who touts the benefits of her $0 premium plan, our beneficiaries are sharing powerful testimonials of the value of Medicare Advantage that deserve to be heard loud and clear in Washington, D.C.”

Schwartz concluded, “This map will be a valuable tool in our continued advocacy efforts to grow and strengthen MA for today’s seniors. As the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) completes its work on the Annual Rate Notice and Call Letter, we encourage regulators to listen to these firsthand accounts of Medicare Advantage and ensure stability for MA in their rulemaking process.”

Better Medicare Alliance’s interactive map of advocate stories can be viewed at