Better Medicare Alliance

Leading the Way Forward on Medicare Advantage

We’re Better Medicare Alliance, a community of experts creating a path forward. Our mission is to build a healthy future by advocating for a strong Medicare Advantage. We're leading the way forward on health care, driven by our common goal to support Medicare Advantage.

Priority OneOpportunities to expand enrollment.

Priority TwoConsumer-friendly support tools and enrollment materials.

Priority ThreeHigh quality care and accountability.

Priority FourEffective care for beneficiaries with multiple chronic conditions.

Priority FiveFlexibility in plan design and innovation in care delivery.

Priority SixValue-based arrangements between plans and providers.

Priority SevenAdequate payments to ensure stability.

Priority EightAccurate risk adjustment to ensure adequacy of resources for all beneficiaries.

Recommendations for Action for Medicare Advantage

  1. Avoid disruption and encourage growth in Medicare Advantage.
  2. Improve beneficiary support tools, such as Plan Finder and enrollment materials.
  3. Remove benchmark cap for high quality 4+ Star rated plans.
  4. Permanently authorize Special Needs Plans (SNPs).
  5. Increase flexibility for plan benefit design, supplemental benefits, care in the home, and telemedicine.
  6. Support and strengthen the Star Rating System, including improving measures and re-establishing pre-determined quality thresholds (“cut points”).
  7. Incentivize value-based and alternative payment arrangements between plans and providers.
  8. Continued focus on Value-Based Insurance Design (V-BID) models.
  9. Minimize disruption to Employer Group Waiver Plans (EGWPs) by revising payment formula changes.
  10. Delay phase-in of Encounter Data as a diagnosis source until data accuracy and processes can be verified.
  11. Freeze the coding intensity adjustment at the current statutory minimum.
  12. Ensure accurate benchmark payments by using Traditional Fee-For-Service (FFS) Medicare data from individuals with both Part A and Part B for benchmark calculation.
  13. Increase transparency by publicly releasing more impact analyses and data.