The Future of Medicare

The Future of Medicare

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Medicare Advantage Is a Driver of Innovation in Medicare

By 2030, all baby boomers will be older than age 65. This will expand the size of the older population so that 1 in every 5 residents will be retirement age and Medicare enrollment is expected to grow. Medicare Advantage, the public-private health plan option available to Medicare beneficiaries, now provides coverage for over 22 million beneficiaries, more than one-third of all people with Medicare. By 2028, 42 percent of beneficiaries are projected to be enrolled in Medicare Advantage.

As more beneficiaries switch from traditional Medicare into Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare Advantage will become an increasingly important driver of high-quality care in Medicare. 

Plans, providers, community partners, beneficiaries, and policy makers must work together to support current efforts and build new opportunities to improve beneficiary health and quality of life through high value care in Medicare Advantage – the Future of Medicare..

The Future of Medicare is Here

Medicare Advantage is modern healthcare for seniors & better outcomes for our nation.

61 million baby boomers are preparing for a life with fewer alarm clocks and shorter commutes. Medicare Advantage is preparing for their health care future today.

Medicare Advantage provides wellness programs and technologies to make care more convenient, comprehensive and cost-effective for seniors and our nation.

Better Medicare Alliance Statistics

Modern Medicare for Seniors

Medicare Advantage offers beneficiaries the choice of an integrated care plan, with a focus on delivering patient-centered primary care, early intervention and care coordination.

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Wellness Program Statistics
Senior Satisfaction
Access to Medicare Advantage Health Plans

Better Outcomes for the Nation

Lower Income Seniors and Beneficiaries with Chronic Conditions are More Likely to Actively Choose Medicare Advantage

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Future of Medicare Fact Sheet

Read more about why Medicare Advantage is the future of Medicare on our fact sheet.

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