In Their Own Words: #AllyVoices on the Future of Medicare

Better Medicare Alliance is strengthened by the support of more than 140 diverse ally organizations. Watch below as allies share in their own words about the importance of Medicare Advantage and the value of Better Medicare Alliance to their cause.

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University of Michigan V-BID Center


“The future of Medicare is making sure that Medicare beneficiaries and my patients are able to easily access those visits and services that make them healthier. We're very happy to be working with BMA on a number of policy issues that make that a reality.”
Dr. Mark Fendrick, University of Michigan V-BID Center


National Association of Health Underwriters


“I firmly believe in the mission of Better Medicare Alliance to strengthen Medicare Advantage... I want to support the organization in any way I can.”
Erin Fisher, National Association of Health Underwriters


Teachers' Retirement System of Kentucky


“We both share the common goals of making sure that Medicare Advantage stays around, remains stable and feasible to be offered to retirees - especially the teacher retirees.”
Jane Gilbert, CPA, Director of Retiree Health Care, Teachers' Retirement System of Kentucky


Visiting Nurse Service of New York 


“Medicare Advantage plans offer us new ways of bringing care into the home. For us, that's critical.”
Dan Savitt, Executive Vice President & CFO, Visiting Nurse Service of New York


Healthcare Leadership Council 


“Our members believe strongly in the Medicare Advantage program. We think it is the future of Medicare.”
Mary R. Grealy, President, Healthcare Leadership Council


American Medical Group Association


“It's important that AMGA come together with BMA and all other like-minded organizations to make sure that Medicare Advantage is supported and sustained for the future."
Jerry Penso, M.D., M.B.A., President and CEO, AMGA


National Hispanic Medical Association


 "We really believe that Medicare Advantage is the future for our communities."
Dr. Elena Rios, President and CEO, National Hispanic Medical Association




"Given the financial structure of Medicare Advantage, it enables us to provide services for Medicare Advantage beneficiaries like transportation, very low physician to patient ratios, specialty care on site, and other ancillary benefits that would only happen under [MA]."
Dr. Gaurov Dayal, President of New Markets and Chief Growth Officer, ChenMed


Meals on Wheels America


"We value Better Medicare Alliance because we are totally aligned in our thinking about the role of Medicare Advantage plans can play in better serving the needs of seniors and helping to solve senior hunger and isolation in this country."
Lucy Theilheimer, Chief Strategy and Impact Officer, Meals on Wheels America