Jen Kuskowski

Jen Kuskowski currently serves as Health Policy Director on the Senate Finance Committee (Chairman: Senator Orrin Hatch) and was previously a Senior Policy Advisor covering issues related to Medicare Part C, health insurance and coverage and tax-related health issues. Prior to joining the Finance Committee, she worked for Senator Mitch McConnell as his legislative director where she oversaw health care, budget issues, and helped to craft the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA) and the Protecting Our Infants Act, which were both enacted into law in 2015. Kuskowski also worked for Congresswoman Mary Bono where she focused on healthcare issues before the House Energy and Commerce Committee and at Venn Strategies where she advocated on behalf of clients on health care and tax issues to Congress and the administration. Kuskowski graduated from Franklin & Marshall College with a bachelor’s in government and served in the Peace Corps in Ecuador.