Employee Group Waiver Plans (EGWPs): What You Need To Know

More than 3.5 million retirees across the country—accounting for 20% of Medicare Advantage beneficiaries—are in EGWPs. Better Medicare Alliance works to ensure EGWPs are available and that information about them is easy to access and simple to understand. Use the resources below to get key facts about these health plans.

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What are EGWPs?

EGWPs (pronounce "egg-whips") are employer-sponsored health plans for retirees that provide health coverage through the Medicare Advantage program.

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EGWP Policy Priorities
  1. Adjust current rate setting to capture differences in the use of HMO and PPO plans.
  2. Do not make changes that result in reductions to EGWP payments to minimize disruption and maintain stability in the market.
  3. Educate state and local retirement systems, employers, and union retiree plans on the benefits of EGWPs.
  4. Encourage greater access to EGWPs in rural markets.