Throughout the year, Better Medicare Alliance runs campaigns to support Medicare Advantage. Scroll through our current and past campaigns to learn more or take action.

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Tax on Health Insurance is a a Tax That Could Harm Low & Middle Income Seniors

If Congress allows the Tax on Health Insurance to return, 19 million beneficiaries enrolled in Medicare Advantage - many living on low, fixed incomes - would

2.4 million Americans need tailored care. Let’s give more seniors that opportunity. Congress, it’s time to permanently reauthorize Special Needs Plans (SNPs).

Better Medicare Alliance focuses our work on specific policies meant to drive the future of care through high quality MA plans for beneficiaries. 

Seniors across America use their voices to protect their health care by petition Congress to lift the harmful Benchmark Cap on Medicare Advantage plans.

BMA has provided resources to catch up on key policies of Medicare Advantage and to better understand the proposed changes by CMS to Advance Rate Notice and Draft Call Letter for 2019.

Better Medicare Alliance works to ensure EGWPs are available and that information about them is easy to access and simple to understand. Use our resources to get key facts about these health plans.

66% of seniors on Traditional Medicare are unaware of the option of Medicare Advantage when they turn 65. Knowing more means making the right choice for themselves.