Our mission is to build a healthy future by advocating for a strong Medicare Advantage.

Why We Care

Over 22 million beneficiaries have made the choice to enroll in Medicare Advantage. Seniors and people with disabilities deserve quality health care — and we believe Medicare Advantage provides the opportunity for a healthier future.

How We Do It

As the experts on Medicare Advantage, we have the talent and resources to advance the value, effectiveness, and sustainability of Medicare Advantage. We focus our work on:

  • Research & Policy Insights: Thoughtful, data-driven research, and policy commentary are the core of who we are. Our expert analysts dive deep into health care. This work informs the path to a healthier future for all Medicare.
  • Advocacy: With a unique coalition led by Allyson Y. Schwartz, a veteran of Congress and a leading health care expert, we advocate for policies that ensure access, quality, and affordability to improve outcomes for beneficiaries.
  • Grassroots Organizing: We mobilize beneficiaries and give them the tools they need to speak up for the option of Medicare Advantage. Their voice is our strength.



Medicare Advantage Summit 2019

The Summit is the only event that brings together plans, providers, patients and government to improve quality, cost and access in medicare advantage.

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